Saturday, January 21, 2017

Weekly Trade Summary: Jan 15-21

I was planning to enter a new SPX trade in the Mar-24 expiration this week, but this option chain did not become available. This week three closing trades were executed and no new trades were opened:

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The corresponding entries for the three trades that were closed are shown below:

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All three trades that were closed were 3-lots, all expiring in March.

Eight trades have been closed this year...all profitable.  Based on the statistics for these trades, I'm long overdue for a losing trade.  The butterfly that I am trading has historically been in the 75% win rate range.

I currently have three trades open.  One expires on Feb 3, and the other two expire in March or later. The two longer dated trades are non-core experiments.

Total defined risk for my three open trades is currently 14.2% of the account net liquidation value. This is quite a bit lower than I would like, with too much capital being underutilized at this time. All three trades will profit if the market moves down. The two non-core trades are using 9.3% of the account net liquidation value. The Feb 3 trade is using 4.9% of the account net liq, and would normally be closed by now, but will perform well if the market drops 2% to 4% by Feb 3.

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Henrik Santander said...

Thx for sharing your trades and research Dave. Your site has become a must follow for me. I just added you to my blog roll over at for people to learn and come to this useful sight.

Dave R. said...

Thanks Henrik...truly appreciate the kind words. I've been following your site for a while and appreciate the transparency in your trading. I've reciprocated and added your site to my blog roll as well.

Thanks again,

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