Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekly Trade Summary: Jan 8-14

Three trades were executed this week. Two trades were closed and one trade was opened:

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The corresponding entries for the two trades that were closed are shown below:

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As I mentioned in my last weekly summary, I am in the scaling up phase. The trades that were closed were 2-lots, and the trade that was opened was a 3-lot. I plan to move from 2-lots to 3-lots this month, and will move to 4-lots by late March or early April.

Five trades have been closed this year...all profitable.  Based on the statistics for these trades, I'm overdue for a losing trade.

I currently have six trades open.  One expires on Feb 3, and the other five expire in March or later.

Total defined risk for my six open trades is currently 35.1% of the account net liquidation value. This is a little higher than I would like right now, but this is due to two non-core trades that will profit if the market moves down. These two non-core trades are using 9.4% of the account net liquidation value. The Feb 3 trade is using 5% of the account net liq, and would normally be closed by now, but will perform well if the market drops 2% to 4% by Feb 3.

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Vasily Aristarkhov said...

Great! Dave, welcome back! Your posts/trades were very useful. Can you give some background why you decided to move with broken wing butterfly (i also call it triangle)?

Dave R. said...

Hi Vasily,

In my first weekly summary I described why I moved to butterflies. Here's the link:

For more information on the butterfly trade see these introductory articles:


Vasily Aristarkhov said...


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