Friday, March 17, 2017

Weekly Trade Summary: Mar 12-Mar 18

No new trades or adjustments this week.  Metrics are the same as last week.

I currently have 8 open trades, with expirations in March (1), April (3), and May (4):
(click to enlarge)

Total defined risk for these trades has decreased with the trades closed last week and is currently at 50.1% of the account net liquidation value. This risk is broken down into the following groups:
  • 12.6% of net liq - DOTM BWB
  • 37.5% of net liq - core BWB (at 75% of target size, but increasing with new trades)
14 trades have been closed this year...9 wins and 5 losses. Return on the account for the year is at 1.7%.  Total win rate is at 64%.  Win rate on core trades is at 69% and within the expected range.

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Highlander said...

What do DOTM BWB stand for? Did you use same strategy for the above 8 trades? If so why do the entry prices so different?
Thank you for sharing.

Dave R. said...

I mentioned the acronyms in a prior post:
DOTM - Deep Out Of The Money
BWB - Broken Wing Butterfly

Different entries (DTE, etc), market conditions (IV, etc), and structure (wing widths, etc) result in different prices.


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