Friday, June 30, 2017

Weekly Trade Summary: June 18 - June 24

I keep falling behind in my weekly trade summaries for the blog.  Work and summer activities get priority over the blog, but I'll try to catch up today.

During the week of June 18th I entered one SPX broken wing butterfly (BWB) on the Aug 31 expiration and made adjustments on my two July 21 expiration trades. This trade activity is shown below:
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  • Original Trade Entry: May 12 - BWB on the Jun 21 expiration (post)
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  • Original Trade Entry: May 18 - BWB on the Jun 21 expiration (post)
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I currently have 5 open trades, with expirations in June (1), July (2), and Aug(2):
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Total defined risk for these trades is at 30.0% of the account net liquidation value.

27 trades have been closed this year...15 wins and 12 losses. Return on the account for the year is at 2.6%...not happy with that number!  Total win rate is at 56%.  The win rate on the core trades is at 65% and at the very low end of the expected range. Not happy with the core trade win rate either!

Since I'm a week behind in posting this update, I can say that I did enter another trade during the week of June 25th...The summary for the week of June 25th will be posted in the next day or so.

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